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Fire Bowl

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Our Himalayan Salt Fire Bowls, made of genuine Himalayan salt mined from salt caves in Pakistan, provide a natural ambiance, enhancing any room whilst purifying the air. Once warmed, the Himalayan salt emits negative ions, traditionally believed to cleanse, neutralize, and purify the air.

Hand-crafted into a beautiful bowl with natural salt rocks, these fire bowls make wonderful accents to any room. Included is a light bulb and a cord with a dimming switch, making it safe for the office or house and perfect for any time of day!

Is Himalayan Salt Actually Beneficial?

Pink salt or Himalayan salt can be found everywhere now a days. They can be found in salt grinders, lamps, slabs designed for cooking and they can even be found in therapeutic salt rooms. But can Himalayan salt actually be beneficial for your health? The easy answer is yes, but how does it happen? Well, it depends on how you ingest the salt.