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To Cook or Not to Cook (raw food)

By Muscle Media


Did you know that human beings are the only creatures on Earth that cook their food before eating it?  When you think about it, no other animal cooks anything. They eat raw food.  We are the only species that cooks food. Human beings have some of the shortest life expectancy rates of any other living creature.  Could this relationship simply be a coincidence?

Raw Food

Like other species on Earth, humans are biologically adapted to eating raw foods. The human body is able to break down raw foods into the most basic nutrients.  All of the vitamins, minerals and proteins needed to survive are effectively used as body fuel. Heat often breaks down the chemical and nutritional components of food, eliminating important and necessary nutrients. If you add the harmful toxins, pesticides, preservatives and artificial additives, and it becomes more evident as to why humans don’t live as long.  From a certain perspective, we are killing our bodies by feeding them inappropriately.

raw food To-Cook-or-Not-to-Cook-raw-food-fruit-Muscle-MediaDiet

By contrast, eating a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables has countless benefits. A diet that contains raw food has been found to be beneficial for the skin, hair, and nails. Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins that help your complexion stay soft, supple, and healthy.  Not surprisingly, they are a wonderful source of hydration and quick energy. In addition, grains, legumes and other raw produce are high in fiber and protein, helping with digestion and the function of vital organs.


One of the most exciting and significant benefits found in eating uncooked foods is how they encourage the body to metabolize foods properly and efficiently.  This significantly decreases or eliminates many harmful toxins present in our bodies. As a result, we our physiology is able to maintain much healthier chemical levels. The human body then becomes a well-oiled machine, breaking down harmful chemicals, boosting the immune system and eliminating harmful excesses.

Dietary Habits

It’s no coincidence that conditions such as Type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension have all been linked to poor dietary habits. It should also come as no surprise that studies show significant decreases in these illnesses among those who adopt raw food and vegan lifestyles. Scientific research has shown that those of us on raw food and extreme vegan diets are at a lower risk for developing breast and colon cancers.  They are also at a lower risk of developing heart disease. In addition, those who practice raw food dietary habits are less prone to depression and anxiety. They maintain sharp reflexes and great memory.


These are just a few of the ways that the human body may benefit by adopting a raw food lifestyle.  In the long run, it may be beneficial to consider changing your eating habits to a more natural and organic way of living. By joining the ranks of those who are switching to the raw food diets, you’ll be helping both your body and your mind become the best that they can be.

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