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Timing Matters – Best Times to Take Whey Protein

Since the discovery and isolation of whey protein as a supplement used to develop  muscle, Gym Rats can’t seem to get enough in their supply. Everyone seems  to be scampering to get whey protein supplements. This is especially true among athletes  and bodybuilders trying to build muscle mass. Protein can be found in many common  foods, such as fish, milk, eggs, cheese and beef. However, simply increasing the intake of such foods also means an increase in weight which many people want to avoid.

whey protein Why Whey is Better   

Fortunately, there are whey protein isolates that enable athletes to increase their intake of protein without having to over-indulge on protein rich foods. Athletes who engage in strenuous exercise repeatedly tear down and rebuild muscle fibers. It is important that they have adequate protein supplies in the body. 

Timing Matters to take whey protein

The best time to take whey protein varies greatly from one person to another. This largely depends on the individual athlete’s diet.  However, these are three of the best times to take it.

Right After Your Workout  Because whey protein contains large amounts of amino acids, it is critical to take greater amounts post-workout. After a workout, the body undergoes a cycle of recovery and growth right after experiencing tears to the muscle tissue.

First Thing in the Morning – This is another excellent time to take it because the body’s protein stores are low after a long period of fasted sleep.

Before Bedtime  Taking a whey protein supplement immediately before going to sleep significantly prevents the breakdown of protein that occurs naturally during sleep. If you are not entirely focused on building muscle mass, this process of protein breakdown would be acceptable. But, if your goal is to build muscle mass, you would certainly want to lessen any loss of protein. Therefore, to slow down your protein metabolism while asleep, one of the best times to take it is before bed.

Too Much of a Good Thing Can be Bad    

     Finally, like many other things in life, too much whey protein can be detrimental. To ensure your intake is properly absorbed, it’s important to understand when the best time to take it is. You don’t, necessarily, need to increase the amount you consume. Instead, concentrate more on the timing. Make sure that the protein you take will give you the best results, and not go to waste!

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