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The 60 Minute 600 Rep Arm Onslaught

Super Set Arm Workout: If you’re reading this, then you want to build a physique that stops traffic and impresses the masses. The first thing people look for when they’re trying to determine your jacked-ness level is your arms. Do you have big biceps? Are they sitting on some titanic triceps? Do they look like they could pick up anything they want? This is what every guy reading this wants whether you want to admit it or not. But how can you build those pipes up into cannons? Sure you could try another “three sets of 10 reps” article, but you and I both know that will only lead to a slight pump that will last a few minutes and nothing else. We need to get extreme. We need to take this to the next level. We need to go all out and give all we have to the iron.

This Super Set Arm Workout is the workout for you.

We’re going to set a timer for 60 minutes. All you get is one hour, but the goal is to make that entire hour count from beginning to end. How are we going to do that? Your goal is to perform 300 reps for biceps and 300 reps for triceps within that hour. That is 600 reps total! We can’t just do 3 sets of 100 with one exercise either. There will be supersets and drop sets that will target the biceps and triceps from different angles so we know we targeted the muscles effectively. We’re going to do this by using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and cables. We will also use different rep ranges so we can go both heavy and light. The lower rep ranges will challenge our muscular power, the moderate ranges will help with hypertrophy, and the higher rep ranges will challenge us both with aerobic and muscular endurance. Ready? Sip on your Juggernaut®X, boys.

It’s time to train!



20/20  15/15   10/10   5/5


We’re going to start out with barbells so we can handle more volume than with other forms of free weights. For barbell curls, you can use the cambered bar if you prefer that grip or find it to be easier on your wrists.

On the presses, keep your grip at shoulder width or an inch from that point. Keeping your hands too close will place stress on your elbows and wrists while taking the emphasis off the triceps. Start with light weight for the higher rep sets. You shouldn’t reach failure but you should feel challenged.

As you decrease reps, you increase weight. The only time you get to rest is the time it takes to change weights and sip on your water or BCAA drink. That’s it. Stay off your phone and don’t chit chat. We’re here to work. Keep the bar for the curls close to the bench so you don’t have to move far from one movement to the other. This can save precious seconds. When you get to the supersets of five, have a spotter if you’re training alone so you can prevent injury, and give your best effort.



10 drop sets of 5/5 reps each


You’re probably thinking to yourself “how does this work?” I will explain. You’re going to start with the heaviest dumbbells that you can handle without sacrificing form. No cheating here. When you hold the dumbbells, use as tight and strong of a grip as possible so you can be sure all the muscle fibers are a part of the party.

First, you will bang out 5 reps of hammer curls. Perform them with both arms at the same time. As soon as you complete that 5th rep, immediately bend over and perform 5 kickbacks with both arms simultaneously.

We’re not going to do one arm at a time because it takes extra time. As soon as you finish that 5th rep of the kickbacks, rack those dumbbells and move down the next lower pair. For example, if you start with 50’s move down to the 45’s. Knock out five more reps of each movement and then move down to the next pair.

You’re going to be tempted to let those weights bounce a little. Don’t do it. Stay focused. Repeat this pattern until you’ve gone through 10 pairs of dumbbells.

If you get to the 5s before the end and have more supersets to go, or if you get stuck at failure and can’t keep going, take a 10-second rest pause and keep going. By the time all is said and done, you will have completed another 100 reps total. You will feel these in the forearms as well as the biceps and triceps.



5 supersets of 20/20 reps


Kettlebells provide a unique twist that is different than dumbbells because the weight is underneath the handle. This will help you attack the muscles in a new way that you might not be accustomed to. Once you get used to it, you will likely find a way to incorporate them into every workout.

Grab a light pair of kettlebells and set up an incline bench. The angle of the bench can be anywhere from 30 to 45 degrees. Perform 20 reps of curls with the kettlebells. Immediately press them over your head and perform lying tricep extensions for 20 reps.

Don’t let the kettlebells touch your head on the extensions. Lower them behind your head so you can get a deeper stretch. Once you complete this superset, take 45 seconds to sip your beverage, stretch out the muscles, and catch your breath. Seriously, watch the clock. As soon as 45 seconds pass, get back to it. You will repeat this for 5 supersets of 20.



2 supersets of 50/50 reps each


This is the home stretch, so let’s finish strong! Why rope curls? Because this movement will allow you to twist the rope and contract the muscles without any extra strain on the wrist. It will be best if you can work at a cable attachment with an adjustable pulley so you can just raise and lower the pulley. If you don’t have access to this, then just make sure you move the rope from one pulley to the other quickly. Start with the curls and use a challenging weight to work with until you reach failure. If you complete all 50 reps, you went too light. You should reach failure around the 20-25 rep mark.

When failure occurs, drop some weight and keep going. Repeat this pattern until you get 50 reps. Squeeze the biceps hard on each rep. You will be tempted to fly through these because you’re on the clock and feeling some intense burning, but work through it. As soon as you complete rep 50, switch the rope to the top position because we’re going to trash those triceps. Make sure you do the same with the press-downs as you did with the curls. Taking your time and squeezing them will be worth it. You get 45 seconds to recover between supersets. Make sure you take this time to mentally prepare yourself to go harder and finish this workout like the champion you are!

Once you complete the last superset, check your time and make it a goal to beat it the next time you try this Super Set Arm Workout. If you feel your triceps are weaker than your biceps, then start with triceps instead. Either way, you should notice some great results in a few weeks that will make you want to rock some tank tops for a while.


4 supersets of 20/20, 15/15, 10/10, 5/5 reps.


10 supersets of 5/5 reps each.

+ Drop weight 5 pounds per drop and continue sets immediately.


5 supersets of 20 reps each.


2 drop supersets of 50/50 reps each.

+ Perform set to failure, reduce weight, continue until you reach 50 reps.

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