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Soy Protein Versus Whey Protein

By Muscle Media

Identified as a “complete” nutrient building block, soy protein can be obtained from soybeans. Which are known to be sated with all the amino acids essential for the health of human beings. This should be present in one’s diet since the body is not capable of self- reproduction. In the otherhand, whey protein is also a very good source for vitamins and minerals needed that can be quickly absorbed.

Better Results

Putting that you have been working on to obtain those lean muscles, there has been this fuss over soy protein versus whey protein. Wherein which of the two will be able to provide better results. However, there actually is no difference between both but are the same with a lot of other things. There will always be a demarcation line that will set each other part. And will also aid you in making those decisions for the improvement of your diet.


According to the study conducted by a medical doctor by the name of Aaron Tabor, soy protein versus whey protein has a bigger advantage. Especially when it comes to your exercise. There were academic researchers from the Ohio State University (OSU) who have just finished an extensive analysis. They concluded that soy protein has a higher effect on antioxidant status. Meaning, the body is capable to deactivate free radicals that generate during times of sweating profusely.


The matter with soy protein versus whey protein should then give greater notice. Especially for those who are fond of performing vigorous calisthenics. Unbelievable as it may sound but neutralizing free radicals can be very harmful to the tissues. An examination was made where men who volunteered to take part in a weight training program were provided with protein bars to be consumed for nine weeks. Later, it revealed that there was a sound aftermath with soy protein. While there was a slow production in whey protein.


On lipid peroxides, soy protein versus whey protein also sounded a bell as the levels quickly reduced in soy protein within five minutes. While there was constancy for about twenty- four hours in whey protein. All the investigations done basically had similar findings. There is also another that suggests soy protein to diminish oxidative stress that can be found in saponins and isoflavones. Saponins are steroid alkaloids with a nitrogen operation while isoflavones is an organic compound acting as phytoestrogens.

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