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Making Love Like it’s My Business: An Entrepreneurial Approach to Sex and Dating

The lessons learned from running a business are applicable in many areas of life. Sex and dating are some of many. Here are a few tips towards a successful “business”.

Take Action Quickly: A common mistake in the approach is procrastination. You make eye contact with an attractive woman across the room. You get a hint of a smile. You look away. You look back; a full smile. You look away again. You blew it. She is not going to wave at you in like the ground crew at the airport. Confidence is attractive. Nothing screams “lack of confidence” like hesitation. More is lost on indecision than the wrong decision. Careful, if you stare too long, you start looking creepy, not mysterious. Take a chance. Walk over there and be prepared to say something charming, witty or at least honest. And, for god sake, don’t just stare at her boobs!

Be ethical in advertising: There is no need to lie. There is no need to mislead. However, you do need to be able to read your audience. For example, suppose this girl wants to go home with you, but is a little hesitant. If she doesn’t want to go, you aren’t going to convince her otherwise. But, a well-timed ad placement can help close the deal. Appeal to her wants and address her concerns. Invite her to see your vintage record collection or the amazing view from your balcony. Does she need an excuse? “Hey, we did really drink a lot, would you like to just take a cab back to my place?” Is she concerned for her safety? Reassure her that you don’t live in a farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere.

Appearance: As an entrepreneur, I would ask myself: “If I were going to ask someone for a million dollars today, is this what I would wear?” Your appearance is the first indication as to how you run your business. Is it well thought-out and planned? Are you sloppy? Are you completely clueless? Perspective clients will judge your ability to make good decisions based on the decisions you made when you got dressed. We can all clean ourselves up before we go out on the town, but remember that new clients can be anywhere. Do not miss an opportunity due to your poor foresight. Make your style a habit, not a costume that you only wear late at night.

Acquire valuable skills:
This is an extremely competitive field. I remember going out on the town one night and looking at all the guys around me. It looked like they took one douche bag and Xeroxed him a couple of hundred times. Then, I realized that I, too, was one of these guys. Stand out from the competition by cultivating a few impressive skills. Take a cooking class. Learn about wines. Learn how to give a real massage. Learn a second or third language. In other words, learn how to be impressive.

Repeat Business: This one seems like a no brainer but, apparently, it’s often overlooked. If you do a good job, they’ll probably want you to do it again. Take pride in your work. Don’t be lazy. There’s always a new startup looking to steal your client.
Keep them satisfied, and they will remain yours. Slack off, and you risk losing to the competition.

Customer Referrals: There’s a significant difference between the sexes. Here’s a typical guy conversation about a typical encounter: “I went out with that girl last night.” “How’d it go?” “We totally smashed.” “Cool.” Then, on to the next topic. Now, when it comes to females, girls talk. In detail. How? Where? When? How long (both in time and length)? Feelings, and what, if anything, was accomplished? Whatever you did, or failed to do, her friends are going to hear all about it. Good and bad. This is why it is important to do your very best work. Take your time. It’s not a race. But, there is a finish line that you both should cross. Give her something memorable to talk about, and her friends will take notice. Who knows? They may, one day, request your services.

Learn from your mistakes: Better yet, learn from other guys’ mistakes. Post up in a bar one night. Just sit back and watch. Wait for a guy to approach a woman. Look how the other women in the place take notice. When you approach a female, remember, other women are watching. Don’t let it rattle you, but remember to take this fact into account. Don’t come off as “the creepy guy” who immediately approaches every girl in the place. Be friendly. Be funny. Be interesting. Use this moment in the spotlight to your advantage. Be the guy that everyone in the bar wants to hang out with.

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