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Home Exercise Equipment

Have you ever wanted to avoid the time and hassle of driving to the gym? You might consider working out in the comfort of your own home. You may also consider the purchase of home exercise equipment. Jogging, pushups, crunches and bending can be easily done without any special machines. However, if you desire to “bring it to the next level”, you may need some equipment that is easily stored and readily accessible.

Get the Gear

Fitness training consultant Elizabeth Quinn recommends some effective home exercise equipment including treadmills, elliptical trainers, step  apparatus, rowing devices, and  bicycles.

Treadmills – are among the most popular home exercise machines. It is very accessible once placed in the home, and allows you to get your steps in without leaving your home. When buying a treadmill, look for one that has wide belt, smooth action, a safety shut-off, a sturdy stance, and incline features. Those of better quality could cost $1,000. Be sure to check that it is built to withstand substantial impact, as running can can impose a great deal of force.    

Elliptical Trainers – provide non-impact training that virtually anybody can do. The motion is smooth, low impact, and horizontally oval. You can regulate the intensity of the resistance, especially important for those who are sedentary or are new to exercise. Currently, elliptical trainers  are tremendously popular in health clubs. If you are contemplating purchasing one, be sure to try several models before you purchase one.

home exerciseStep Apparatus – is designed to work the lower body for aerobic capacity.  If you are looking for a premium step apparatus, it can be very pricey. The step apparatus can help develop the muscles of your lower body, especially around the knees. If you engage in a competition that involves lower body mobility and strength, this will help train for that.  Typically, it will not over-strain your ankles or joints.

Rowing Devices – are ideal for those who want a whole body workout to maximize their caloric burn, but only have limited time. Workouts involve the entire upper and lower torso.  It will also encourage correct posture and associated bone structure to complete the rowing action.  Proper execution using the rowing device is critical to prevent back strain.   Therefore, it should be understood that there is a learning curve to perform rowing techniques.

Bicycles – are among the most widely used pieces of home exercise equipment. They offer a quality, enjoyable, non-impact cardiovascular workout. This is attractive and perfect for those who are overweight or have just begun in their quest to shed some pounds. Bicycle riding will primarily affect the large muscles in the legs and buttocks. Typically, prices for a quality bicycle can range from $500 to $1,000.    

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