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Home Alone: Single for the Holidays

Single for the Holidays – It’s that time of year again

Relationship statuses are changing quicker than the weather. Starting in November, we have the phenomenon known as the “Turkey Dumb”. With the prospect of bringing your significant other home for holiday dinner, exchanging presents and kissing on New Years, many opt to go at it alone.

By: Matthew Tiger

READY for breakup season?

Things are about to get real

If you are in a fairly new relationship, things are about to get real. Either your are about to advance forward or you are going to be updating your dating profile with a holiday theme. Whether you were on the receiving end of the breakup or you are the one making the decision, let’s explore the benefits of being alone for the holidays…

Take time to enjoy what the holidays are really about

I have no idea what the holidays are “really about”. For you, maybe it’s more time with your family, assuming you actually like your family. Maybe it’s eating Boston Market in bed and watching your favorite Christmas movie, Die Hard. (Which I have done). Yes, Die Hard is a Christmas movie. For me, I live by three guiding principles: I do what I want. I don’t know what I want. Leave me alone. This year, I’m going to the movies and watching the new Star Wars movie.   The point is, relationships come with strings attached. During the holidays, those strings come in the form of awkward family introductions, faking excitement unwrapping gifts, seeing the face of disappointment over the truly idiotic gift you got them or collapsing under the pressure of making the holidays the most romantic experience ever!

Naughty or Nice

We will start with naughty. One word…Office Christmas Parties. They have a reputation for a reason.  Equal parts alcohol and loneliness make perfect kindling for a very hot evening. Everyone is a little bit nicer during the holidays. Maybe the hot girl in the ugly sweater is feeling charitable. Go talk to her.  Maybe you’ll get to unwrap her. Speaking of charity, this is also the time of year to give back. If you are bored and lonely, you can always spend time with those struggling through the season. There are plenty of opportunities to help. There’s presents for kids who would otherwise receive nothing, those that are hungry and those that are cold. If people aren’t your thing, there’s always the animal shelter. I promise you will instantly feel better for helping.

To sum up, being single doesn’t mean you have to be alone. There are plenty of us out there. Just like any other situation in life, make the best out of it, for as in life, the moments are fleeting. Might as well have some fun. Until next year…

Decorate or Don’t

Putting up Christmas lights is a pain in the ass, but it’s nothing compared to taking them down. Needless to say, the outside of my place is as dark as my thoughts.

Travel or Don’t

Go wherever you want or just stay home like a slug.

Buy yourself a present

You just saved a bunch of money not buying a gift for your significant other, not to mention gifts for her family. Get yourself something nice.

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