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High Protein Cinnamon Roll Mug Cake Recipe

Mug Cake Recipe: Got a sweet tooth? Have your cake and eat it too! Here is a delicious protein-packed easy to make dessert that will crush your Cinnabon cravings without canceling out your diet goals.


1 Scoop Infinite Labs® Whey Delite Cinnamon Roll Flavor

1 Egg

2 Tbs Water


1) Place ingredients into a coffee mug and mix until smooth.

2) Microwave on high for 1 Min.

Cake will rise past edge of mug when finished. Enjoy!

Calories 188

Total Fat 7 g

Protein 27 g

Carbs 3 g


Infinite Labs® Whey Delite

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Our ultra-premium, low-calorie, gourmet protein complex to supplement protein intake during calorie-restricted or low-carb dieting.*

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