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Got A Minute? Dr. Tom Here – Don’t Try to Save the World

Dr. Tom Here, Got A Minute?

My father, years ago, when he was practicing was a psychologist, and I entered practice with him. And he offered me some advice before I even got into the game.

He said, “Don’t try to save the world that doesn’t want to be saved.”

And that caught me off guard, and I really questioned that.

It turned out that what he was talking about was people who are resistant to change – don’t try to change them.

As a matter of fact, people will stay in dead-end jobs, and in poor, even abusive relationships because the change—the unknown—is more threatening than what they know.

So don’t try to save the world that doesn’t want to be saved. Don’t lose sleep over it.

Do what you can. Put forward all of the options, and let them make the decision.

But don’t be surprised if they don’t follow your advice.

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