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Equipment To Exercise

By Dr. Tom Fisher

You’ve put it off, but you need to get in shape for summer beach time.  Those sunny periods are just around the corner.  Almost everyone is shopping for their bathing suits to show off those rocking abs.  Major considerations are whether the swimwear will even fit, if the legs are toned, the arms fit, and the abs ripped.

To get in the perfect shape you desire, you need to keep up with consistent workouts. Although many people don’t seem to like it, core workouts are beneficial. Despite the reluctance to embrace consistent exercise, people still want a great set of abs. Nothing shouts, “Look at me!” as loud as a ripped set of abs. Because of this, abdominal exercise equipment has flooded the fitness market.  Male or female, ab exercises are important. To get yourself a worthy set, you might want to test out some of the modern exercise equipment.

Traditionally, I have not been a fan of most exercise equipment.  I prefer doing bodyweight or free-weight workouts without machines.  I believe sitting in machines, targeting specific muscles with limited range of motion is not the right way to stay fit.  However, most people eagerly embrace exercise machines like cycles, treadmills, and Stairmasters.  You can certainly supplement with any of these aids if they are available, but try to work outside of the restricted range of motion offered by most machines.

equipment swiss ball - Muscle Media    Many gyms are now offering big rubber “Swiss-balls”.  For such a simple piece of apparatus, the variety of possible workouts is amazing.  Basically, it can replace a traditional bench.  However, because of the spherical shape, it is much less stable than a bench.  Beyond the exercise, you need to engage many more muscles and muscle groups just to maintain your balance!   I have seen them used for stomach, core, chest, shoulder, and back workouts.  Although I was surprised when I first saw it used, I now realized how it could provide a platform for strenuous workouts.   Because of the additional muscular recruitment, it helps to build muscles and coordination.

You will likely have your own preferences of exercise equipment.  The exercise equipment in your local gym or fitness club may catch your fancy.  They will typically have different types of exercise equipment for members of all levels of fitness to use.  Regardless of what type you prefer, daily workout routines, including your abs, are necessary to maintain a toned body.

If you need help about exercise equipment or sample regimes, the Internet may be the answer. From information on diets to fitness routines, you’ll most likely find it on the huge information resource.

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