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Developing a Strong Core

Developing a Strong Core

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Suppose that at a distance you see a hunched, stooped figure shuffling with short, slow steps. Most likely, you would conclude that the person is old. The hunched posture gives you the best clue.  But, why does aging contort so many bodies in this way?  Weak core muscles. Many people, throughout their lives, never extend their neck to its’ full range.  Because of this, the muscles shorten. Long hours of reading, sewing, typing, or standing at a workbench take their toll. Notice how people hang their heads while checking their phones!  Eventually deposits of calcium salts in the joints further the process of immobilization. Once calcification takes place, nothing it cannot be reversed.


Fortunately, we all can take action before it is too late. The best course of action is regular exercise.   Muscles will be stretched, and flexibility improved. But special consideration should be given to the core muscles. This kind of response is important to address a number of factors that only lead to serious health problems when ignored and taken for granted.


What Are Core Muscles?


Core muscles include those found at the obliques, abdominals, lower back, and the glutes. These four areas of the body usually frame the posture.  Therefore, a good posture reflects the strong condition of these muscle groups.  Core muscles actually represent the “core” or the central part to provide the stability and strength needed to perform physical movements. This means that only if your core muscles are physically powerful that they can maintain equilibrium.  The core system must stabilize the body while you are working out and moving.


Strengthening Muscles


The primary responsibility of the core muscles is to provide power enabling the body to cope with the dynamic challenges of everyday physical activity.  For this reason, many health and fitness experts have realized that it is more important to strengthen the core muscles than most other muscles in the body. Through experimental research, they have found out that having a stronger core can lessen many posture-related health problems.  For instance, a well-conditioned core can help project good posture. It can also improve the endurance of the lower back throughout the day.    Muscles in the core are actually those that coordinate stabilization of the whole upper and lower torso.


Here are some of the benefits to help understand why it’s important to strengthen the core:


  1. Strengthening core muscles will improve posture and prevent low back pain of the muscular origin.

As you incorporate stretching exercises in your workout routine, the activity has the tendency to strengthen the muscles of the back that extend through the spine.  Pay particular attention to the muscles of the upper and front part of the trunk, including the abdominal muscles.


  1. It will help tone the muscles, thereby, avoiding further back injuries.

Exercising your core muscles will strengthen and tone your lower back muscles and buttocks.  It will also stretch the hip flexors and the muscles on the front of the thighs (quadriceps).


  1. core Developing-a-Strong-Core-performance-Muscle-MediaIt improves physical performance.

Exercising the core muscles with slow, static stretching is an effective technique to relieve stiffness and enhances flexibility. Once your flexibility has improved, it follows that you will be able to perform physical activities more efficiently.


  1. Strengthening does not cause sore aching muscles.

Static stretching for core muscles is beneficial for the muscles and connective tissues.  Because you employ slow stretches, it will not tend to cause any soreness.  Soreness is most often associated with bouncing exercises that rely on jerky muscle contractions.


  1. Lengthen muscles and maintain balanced footing as you get older.

Core muscle exercises lengthen the muscles that have contracted and result in pain. They also help prevent pain from vigorous exercise if they are included at the end of each workout.  Health and fitness experts highly recommend starting immediately and repeating the routine at least 2 times a week. The process can be performed after the workout and only takes about 15 minutes.


Indeed, core muscles are absolutely important in determining the good posture of the body.  Strengthening them can help you avoid those nuisances of back pains.  The benefits from good habits such as these are meant to last a lifetime.

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