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Child Exercise Equipment

By Muscle Media 

There has been some major change in the lifestyle of today’s youth. From television to computers, all these things have replaced many of the physical activities that a child used to enjoy. As a result, many of children’s conditions today often include obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes – common diseases that develop in relation to the lack of fitness.

How can you, as a parent, help your child get fit again and live healthy, happy lives?

The answer is obvious, of course. Get your child back into shape through fitness routines and the use of child exercise equipment. Sure, it’s going to take some work to get your child interested in physical activities again, not when “entertaining” video games, computers, and TV shows are occupying most of his leisure time. However, keep in mind that children are naturally active. If you reduce the time that your child spends watching TV or playing games and instead get him to do fitness and exercise routines, you give him a chance to spend all that unused energy in him.

It is a nice plus if you can do your exercises together with your children. That way, you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone – improve their fitness level and spend some quality time.

Perhaps sensing the plight that parents are having right now concerning children with low fitness levels, many manufacturers of fitness and health products are manufacturing child exercise equipment. Specifically designed to fit the age group. Below are some examples of child exercise equipment currently available in the market:

Elliptical Trainer Model 602 (Age 9+)

Cardio child exercise equipment, the Elliptical Trainer Model 602 is just like any other elliptical trainer that adults use. It works out the entire body. However, to cater to a child’s fast growing body, this exercise equipment features a design that has more balance. In addition, the electronics are easy to use. Now, even your child can monitor his or her own calories, heart rate, speed, time, and distance through this exercise equipment.

Elementary Bike Model 656 (Age 9+ to Young Adult)

This is another good child exercise equipment to have. The Model 656 has a semi recumbent design with a build that is well suited for commercial hi use applications. This child exercise equipment is sturdy enough to handle children of any weight. In addition, it features a computer and magnetic tension system that are simple to use. With the system providing feedback for calories, time, speed, and distance, your child can monitor his or her own fitness level with this exercise equipment. In addition, the computer can also accurately display the heart rate of the user through contact heart rate located on the machine handles.

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