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Camping Workout: How to Stay Fit On a Camping Trip

Are you planning to go on camping but don’t want to miss any of your workout routines and want to stay fit? Are you looking for a camping workout that you can do on your upcoming trip? No worries because we’re here to help you.

In this post, we have compiled the best camping workouts that will surely help you in keeping your body physically fit while you’re out on the trails.

Don’t worry, all the camping workout moves listed are very simple and easy to perform. Plus they don’t require you to use equipment or any outdoor gear.

Simple Camping Workout to Stay Fit

  1. Squat

When you are traveling, bodyweight workouts are very common, given that dumbbells or barbells are too heavy to heave around. However, with nature surrounding you on your camping trip, you have the opportunity to get a little creative. Squatting with whatever you have on hand can intensify your workout, even if that means squatting with a heavy log or rock on your back!

Either way, squats are a fantastic camping routine workout. Plus, it is a versatile and power-packed move that you can perform everywhere.

How to Do This

Before performing your squats, you should look for a big stone first. After which, stand with your feet hip-space apart while hugging the rock to your chest.

Once you have made the right position, press your hips backward and then bend your knees. Make sure that your glutes are lowered near the ground. When your knees are slightly bent to over 90 degrees, press over your heels and go back to your standing position.

  1. Squat Jumps

With squat jumps, you will be able to incorporate strong cardio into your routine. You can do this on an uneven surface of your camping grounds.

However, when you’re given a chance to perform this workout on the sand, you will need the strong point of your whole body.

How to do this

Begin with your feet shoulder-extent apart, and your knees should be bent slightly. Squat down by pushing your hips backward before winding your knees.

From the lowermost position of your squat, press over your feet as you burst forth to the air and jump as high as you can.

Land on your feet’s ball while your hips and knees are slightly bent so that the impact will be absorbed. Then lower yourself immediately for the next squat.

  1. Walking Lunges

This move can be done anytime and anywhere. Also, space will never be a problem when out in nature. Don’t let the fact that it’s a bodyweight exercise make you think it’s easy…these things burn as bad as any weighted move!

How to Do This

With your feet shoulder-width away from each other, take a big step forward with your one leg. Then allow the opposing knee go down nearly to the ground while keeping your upper body upright.

At that point, use your legs to cast off as well as alternate legs.

  1. Tree Branch Pull-Ups

With this challenging move, you will be able to strengthen your torso while working your arm and back muscles.

How to Do This

Look for a tree that has branches that approximately mimic the height, strength, and thickness of a pull-up bar to make sure that it will hold your weight safely.

With your palms fronting far from you, stretch up and then take hold of the tree branch and bend your elbows slowly to pull your body ‘til your chin is leveled with the limb.

Make sure to keep your abdominals engaged and body straight, then repeat this move. On the other hand, if the lime is too coarse to hold, you can give a towel pull-ups a try.

  1. Sit-Ups Under the Moon and Stars

Doing sit-ups under a bright moon and shining stars is not common so you may want to take advantage of it while you’re on a camping trip.

This abs-burning workout can strengthen core muscles from below the sternum to the above of your pelvis.

How to Do This

Look for a flat surface and then lay your back with your both knees bent and feet flat onto the ground.

Put your hands behindhand your ears. After that, lift your shoulder blades from the floor while supporting your neck and head using your hands.

Then pull your chin near your knees not more than thirty degrees.

Release your back gently into a lying position. Nevertheless, you can repeat this routine as long as you want.

  1. Picnic Bleacher Dips

While engaging with your core, you will be able to build your triceps as well as biceps muscles with this resistance workout.

How to Do This

Look for a picnic bleacher or a durable shin-height stone to press against. In a sitting position, face away from the bleacher.

Make sure that your knees and legs are both stretches more than 90-degree and your back is straight. After which, lower your body, until your triceps are equivalent to the ground.

Straighten your arms slightly and repeat it for preferred amount of sets.

  1. Chest Press

When you use a rock as your weight, you will be able to perform various chest workouts. If you discover two rocks with the same weight, you can surely perform a normal chest press, chest, pullovers, and even chest flies.

How to Do This

To perform this routine, you need to look for a big log that can offer you solid support. After which, lie back on the log and hold two stones with similar weights.

Press the stone above your rib cage, extend your arms and bend your elbows to lower the stone to your chest.

Instantly inverse the movement to press the stone back to its starting position.


For most campers, camping is all about eating, relaxing, and sleeping. However, if staying fit is your thing, camping, on the other hand, can also offer you a lot of great and different options.

Nevertheless, with the aid of the camping mentioned above workouts, you will stay fit while you are enjoying the great outdoors.

So what do you think? Which camping workout will work best for you?


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