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Bicep Training for MMA Fighters and Boxers

Bicep Training: Throwing a punch involves utilizing every muscle in your body, whether you believe It or not ! But in this article , we are discuss ing the role your biceps play. Here are some key questions to think about. Make a fist; does your bicep contract? Raise your arms up to fight; do you keep them straight or are your elbows slightly bent? Fighting relaxed Is key, but maintaining a slight contraction will prepare your neuro-muscular system to be able to respond when the brain sends the message to smash your opponent. How about throwing an uppercut; is your arm straight or elbow bent? Your body weight and speed is key behind the punch, but making sure your arm stays flexed requires strong biceps and forearms, or the punch will lose Its transfer of power as you land your strike . Biceps are so important in protecting yourself during a fight when blocking punches or kicks. Having strong arms is essential when it comes to fighting, whether It’s a 10 round fight , or 3 five-minute rounds. Legendary undefeated Pro Boxer Rocky Marciano knew the importance of arms. He made it a point to hit his opponents in the arms to break them down, before delivering that final head strike . In MMA, strong biceps are Important when executing a rear naked choke or guillotine choke. Many fighters lose stamina or strength in their arms when trying to finish a submission. Don’t be one of them!

Bicep training is important for bodybuilding, but equally important for combat sports athletes. Here is a routine you can try to help build power in your biceps.

Pull Ups -With your palms facing you, begin with your arms fully straight, then pull yourself up until your chin is at the height of the bar.
Perform 3 sets till failure.
Tip: Do not use your body’s momentum

Standing Dumbbell Curls -Begin with your arms down at your sides holding the dumbbells. Begin to curl your arm up, and in the top position turn your pinky out to get the full action of the bicep, which is elbow flexion and supination.
Perform 3 sets of 8-10 tough reps.
Tip: Slowly lower the weight to take full advantage of the negative movement and powerfully raise the weight up.

Standing Rope Cable Curls -Take a split rope and attach it to a low cable. Grab the ropes with a “false grip” meaning the thumb is on the same side, and explosively curl your arms. Slowly lower your arms back down.
Perform 3 sets of 20-25 reps.

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