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Better Than Nothing: The Benefits Of Moderate Exercise

By Muscle Media


Although we all “want” to stay in shape, the reality is that we all need to stay in shape. After all, exercise has shown to be good for our genes (and our jeans!). But, not all of us have the same stamina or endurance. For some, excessive or strenuous exercise can be downright dangerous.

Positive benefits

Experts assert that regardless of your mental, physical, or medical condition, moving your body has some positive benefits for everyone. However, the experts also note that some necessary adjustments should be made to design an individual exercise program. If you have a heart problem or other serious medical condition, your medical professional can make specific recommendations for the duration, intensity, and frequency of physical activity.

Designing individual programs

There are some general considerations when designing individual programs. First, it’s important to note of any medications you may be taking. The meds themselves may alter your response to exercise. For example, if you were taking medications known as beta-blockers, standard target heart rate ranges would not be advised. Beta-blockers tend to slow down your heart rate at rest. Under the exertion of exercise, your heart rate may only be approaching a relatively low number of beats per minute while you may be overworking and gasping for breath.

Better-Than-Nothing-bike-exercise-Muscle-MediaLow-level exercises

As far as specific activities are concerned, low-level exercises such as walking, or biking are excellent for strengthening cardiovascular fitness. However, experts note that your primary objective should be to keep the pace comfortable so that you aren’t overworking yourself or running short of breath. Having the ability to walk and talk to a friend without struggling to speak or gasping for air should be an excellent baseline.


Again, however, experts remind those with conditions or difficulties to seek medical attention and speak to their physician before starting any program. The most important point to remember is that a little bit of something beats a whole lot of nothing!

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