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Basics of Workout Supplements

Have you wanted to start using workout supplements but don’t know where to start? The world of vitamins and supplements can become overwhelming with all of the different products that are out there. For a new lifter, it’s important to make sure you have the knowledge for your stack (your different vitamins and supplements) to get you the proper supplements for muscle growth.

Protein - Muscle Media Magazine


Protein is one supplement that should always be in your stack. This supplement is the best supplement to put your money into. Do you know why? This is because your body needs more protein in its diet if you’re trying to build muscle. You need protein to repair and maintain muscle which will help with muscle growth. Not having enough protein in your body can actually cause your body to start losing muscle.

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A lack of vitamins in your diet can actually be detrimental to your muscle growth. When dieting you don’t always get the minerals and nutrients that your body needs. Multi-vitamins, calcium vitamins, fish oil supplements, and other products are great because they can keep your bodybuilding from stopping.

Creatine - Muscle Media Magazine


Creatine is a popular supplement that is recommended for a beginners stack. It has been in bodybuilding stacks for years due to its forced muscle builder. Creatine is naturally found in muscle cells and can help you produce energy faster and build muscle. Creatine powder like protein powder is mixed with a liquid and best used before you go to the gym. Creatine helps you to train harder and lift more through the energy that it is giving you, that is why creatine is one of the best supplements for muscle growth.

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BCAAs or branched chain amino acids are taken during your training. When you take your BCAAs during your training it can help to lengthen your workout. This supplement is great for improving your performance in the gym and it will help to promote your recovery when you are out of the gym. BCAAs help to reduce the amount of muscle that is broken down when you are lifting, which is a potential area for muscle growth.  As well as a supplement for recovery BCAA can be used as an energy supplement.

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For those that need an extra boost of energy for their workouts, pre-workout is the best supplement. Pre-workout are energy supplements that help to enhance your workout through energy and focus. This supplement can be made up of many different things, three common ingredients that are found in pre-workout are caffeine, creatine, and electrolytes. One risk that runs with pre-workout is taking more than you should. It is always important to take the exact dosage that is on the bottle due to the amounts of certain ingredients that are in it.


Finding the right vitamins and supplements can be hard, but knowing the basics of what your stack should contain is the right pathway to maximizing your muscle growth. Like other workout supplements, it is important to check with your doctor before taking any vitamins and supplements that you are unsure of.

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