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Anti-aging Skin Care

By Muscle Media

One of the most popular topics on skin care is “Anti-aging Skin Care” (AASC). As we get older, the natural defenses of our skin, in fact the whole body, weakens. AASC is about protecting your skin from the negative effects of aging process. AASC helps maintain a young and fresh look for a longer period of time. However, it doesn’t end just here. Besides maintaining your good looks, AASC is also about retaining the resistance to disease. Though the awareness about anti-aging has increased over the years, many people are unable to recognize the aging symptoms. So, they are unable to determine if they are in need of additional AASC measures.

anti-aging Anti-aging-Skin-Care-SYMPTOMS-Muscle-MediaVisible aging symptoms

Here’s a list of visible aging symptoms that will help you in the planning and execution of your strategy for AASC: baldness, forgetfulness, graying hair, wrinkle formation, loss of eyesight or hearing loss and menopause. The occurrence of one or more such symptoms is an indicator for upping the ante on AASC. Note that we are talking about introduction of additional measures for AASC, we are not talking about starting your care altogether. AASC actually starts well before the symptoms of aging appear.  Serious AASC is building and following a proper skin care routines much earlier in life (in your teens). AASC doesn’t mean adopting of any special skin care procedure. It just means following a normal procedure in earnest. Eating a lot of fruits, avoiding stress, drinking a lot of water and using other natural therapies can delay the aging process.

Additional measures

Once the signs of aging start showing up, you should start using some additional measures in the form of AASC products. The market is full of AASC products. In fact, there are so many products that they will probably find you even before you find them!  With age, the skin undergoes significant change. So, you will need to analyze your current skin care procedure to see if it is still suitable for your skin. You should remember that aging is a natural process and there is nothing that can stop it from happening. But, these anti-aging skin measures can help delay the aging process.

AASC is a very poplar concept in today’s society.  Everyone wants to hide their age using AASC procedures, and a number of people have been successful. However, AASC is not achieved by any magic potion. AASC is about discipline. It is about being proactive. AASC is meant to retard the aging process.


Here are a few tips for proactive Anti-aging Skin Care:

Maintain healthy eating habits:

A well balanced diet is key to maintaining proper body metabolism. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables (raw), they are the best source of fiber and have a very refreshing effect on your body. Avoid oily and fatty foods. Not only do they lack essential nutrients, but also cause obesity and other diseases which accelerate the aging process

Beat stress:

This is probably the most important anti-aging skin care measure. Stress disturbs the metabolism and accelerates the aging process. Sleep, exercise, and a relaxing bath are all good ways of beating stress. Aromatherapy is also known to ease stress.

anti-aging Anti-aging-Skin-Care-WATER-Muscle-MediaDrink plenty of water:

AASC can’t be any simpler than this! Water helps flush toxins from the body, keeping it clean, and making it less prone to disease. About eight glasses of water per day is recommended by all doctors.

Exercise regularly:

Regular exercise is a wonderful AASC tactic. Besides toning your muscles, it also helps clean the skin by flushing toxins in the form of sweat. Exercise should be followed by a warm shower to completely remove the toxins.

Go organic:

Avoid the use of strong, chemical-based products on your skin. Natural skin care products are a good option. The use of organic skin care products (homemade or commercial) can be a very effective AASC measure.

Study your skin:

Do not ignore skin disorders. It can lead to permanent skin damage. Try over the counter medications first. If that doesn’t help, immediately visit your dermatologist.

Stay fresh:

Vitamin C based skin care products are a very popular means of AASC. However, these seem to oxidize very quickly, which makes them harmful for the skin. Store them properly. If the product turns yellowish-brown, it means that vitamin C has oxidized, and the product is no longer suitable for use.

Watch out for too much sun:

Protect your skin against UV radiation. UV rays are known to speed up the aging process. Therefore, a good sunscreen lotion should be a part of your AASC routine.

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